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Made up of journalists specialising in IT, management and personal development, the ORSYS Le mag editorial team deciphers for you the latest trends in training and skills development.

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How to succeed in your job interviews?

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Make impactful creations with Canva (1/2)

Managing stress at work (2/2)

OSINT, cyber intelligence techniques at the service of your business

Managing stress at work (1/2)

How do you set up a responsible purchasing approach?

Managing conflict within your team (2/2)

Good practices for creating a logo

Building an effective sales pitch

Valuing your staff: 5 best practices

How to raise your company's profile on the Internet

Take the test! Which HR are you?

Managing conflict within your team (1/2)

NIS 2: how do you prepare to apply the new cyber security directive?

Ecological transition: what impact on skills and training?

Project management: which agile methods will make your projects a success? XP, Kanban, Lean, SaFe, Scrum...

Data protection: DPOs face the challenges of AI

Good backup practices: the 3-2-1-1-0 rule

Why learn Python?

Impacts of digital in professional training – OpinionWay 2023 study

Take the test! What kind of manager are you?

The educational engineer: the catalyst for innovative learning

AI: code generators, a revolution for developers

Solution to ORSYS hidden words Le mag n°3

How to develop your business using social networks (DiGiTT® certification)

Inter-company training: are you aware of its many advantages?

Become an Oracle pro: 10 new courses to prepare for official certifications!

Robot vs cobot: what are the differences?

From Excel to Power BI, how do you make the most of a data table?

Machine learning, deep learning, AI: what are the differences?

How to become a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT)

Which web development technology should you choose for your site?

Energy manager: a profession serving company performance

ORSYS Le mag crossword solution n°1

Which IT certification is most beneficial for your business?

Operational preparation for employment: training and recruiting future talents

Cybersecurity automation: what expectations, what limits?

3 tips for successful ISTQB certification

Web scraping: how to automatically retrieve data from the web

Choosing the right collaborative working tools

Effectively identify the training needs of your employees

Cybersecurity: understanding the cyberscore

Supplier, key profession in the supply chain

Web3, miracle or mirage?

SQL Server 2022: new features geared towards Azure

Information Systems Security Manager (ISSM): more than just a job, it's a mission!

Edge computing, faster and cheaper than the cloud

Which cloud platform to choose: AWS, Azure or Google Cloud?

Data confidentiality: how to adapt your marketing strategy?

VPN: why businesses need to learn to master it

Influencer marketing: how can you run successful campaigns?

Office automation: why certify your skills? The example of Tosa and ICDL

Neuromarketing: how can you use neuroscience to sell better?

Power BI, the reasons for success

The keys to digital transformation

Metavers, what uses in business?

How does blockchain work? What are its uses in business?

De top 5 van de programmeertalen 2022

Develop and certify your cloud skills with ORSYS

Zijn legitimiteit versterken door het woord te nemen

Cyberattacks: how to prepare? How to react ?

Product owner, essential profession for IT projects

Companies enter the era of hyperautomation

Develop and certify your IT skills with ORSYS

Civil service: training courses to optimise teleworking

Low-code/no-code platforms: the end of developers?

The new services of open banking (2/2)

The new open banking services (1/2)

Optimizing your code, a financial and environmental issue

Industry 4.0: choosing the right Internet of Things network

FinOps engineer: the cloud cost-killer

Open banking: APIs are making their revolution!

The 5 key data professions in 2022

Windows 11 and Office 2021, should you switch to it?

Cybersecurity: the Senate's 10 ways of protecting businesses

CPF: new co-financing schemes available for training your employees

What are the management control emergencies in the COVID-19 era?

CPF and DIF: communicating with your employees, a win-win strategy

Continuous improvement: focus on onboarding

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